1, Mike Verdoner 25t. 270pts
2, Graham Williamson 21t. 246 pts
3, Barry Taylor 28t 229 pts
4, Euan Shearing 69i. 207pts
5, Steve Robertson 55t. 196pts
6, Craig Davies 27t. 195 pts
7, Ivan Murdoch 7t. 186 pts
8, Dean Shearing 68i. 181pts
9, Robert Lee 99e. 179pts
10, Paul Cambie 27e. 176pts
11, Mark Dobson 51i. 176pts
12, Lee Morris 37c. 153pts
13, Aaron Andrews 57d. 148pts
14, Pierre Leyser 349t. 105pts
15, Arjen Schouten 12c. 48pts
16, Russell Erskine 83t. 0pts
17, Phil Burgess 15t. 0pts
18, Lloyd Phillips 47i. 0pts
19, Phil Smythe 66c. 0pts
20, Roger Nees 222c. 0pts

Now lets move on to the series points after the 2 Rounds. There have been some surprises with in the competitors of their placing in races.

1st....25t Mike Verdoner. 571pts
2nd...21t Graham Williamson. 540pts
3rd...7t Ivan Murdoch. 477pts
4th...69i . Euan Shearing. 461pt
5th....55t Steve Robertson 427pts
6th....99e Robert Lee. 419pts
7th....28t Barry Taylor. 403pts
8th. ...68i Dean Shearing. 383pts
9th....27t Craig Davis. 363pts
10th....47i Lloyd Phillips. 354pts
11th....57d Aaron Andrews. 343pts
12th....51i Mark Dobson. 338pts
13th....27e Paul Cambie. 176pts
14th....37c Lee Morris. 153pts
15th....349t Pierre Leyser. 105pts
16th....12c Arjen Schouten. 48pts
17th. Equal -Russell Erskine, Phil Burgess, Roger Nees, Phil Smythe. 0pts

There has been a few changing positions.

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